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15 Best Keyword Research Tools For Amazon (Free & Paid) in 2022

  • Gordon 

Keyword research tools are some of the best investments for improving your business’s SEO ranking. They work by showing you what your audience is looking for. 

What exactly do we mean by that? 

When you run a business — or even an Amazon page — your audience is looking for specific criteria related to your product. Keyword research tools help you target the keywords that they’re looking for. 

This includes what type of product they want, the specifications, models, and other criteria. Using the best keyword research tool Amazon helps your products appear higher in search rankings, earning you more money. 

1. AMZ.One Keyword Research Tool

Putting ourselves first? Well, it’s for a reason!

AMZ.One is an all-in-one, full-scale online platform that helps you improve your keyword ranking on Amazon. This straightforward, user-friendly site helps you optimize your search rankings by using the best keywords for your selling niche and it’s definitely the best keyword research tool for Amazon on the market!

AMZ.One provides a daily report of keyword rankings to ensure that you don’t just get to the top as an Amazon seller, but stay at the top. Online marketing is a fast-paced and changing world, so this platform gives you all the tools you need to conquer it. 

In addition to daily reports, you will also get insights into your competitors’ keyword rankings, ranking history, and variations on what your potential clients are searching for. 

AMZ.One also offers a range of plans, so that any seller can get the exact tools that they need to succeed. These range from a free plan to an affordable basic plan, premium plan, and many others. 

The platform also helps point sellers in new directions to find resources they haven’t yet tapped. This includes highlighting similar keywords in their niche that are high-performing. By using AMZ.One’s extra resources, you can increase your success as an Amazon seller and make more money. 

AMZ.One also offers a range of other tools designed to help Amazon sellers excel. These include:

  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Extra keyword resources for finding untapped niches
  • Keyword database analysis

Benefits of AMZ.One 

  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Options for keyword tracking, including simple keyword rankings and more complex insights 
  • Quick and sleek interface and search results
  • Affordable pricing options (we will beat any competitors price, contact us..)
  • Huge range of extra tools for improving SEO

2. DataHawk

DataHawk is a platform that helps Amazon sellers improve their SEO ranking on the site. In addition to keyword ranking, the online software offers other SEO tools as well as product data monitoring, advertising analytics, and sales reporting.

DataHawk’s keyword research tool produces extremely detailed reports. The online platform is straightforward and easy to navigate, making it perfect for business owners who are new to search engine optimization. 

The platform also helps business owners create campaigns with ASIN numbers. Some users say that DataHawk’s rank tracker is slow but functional. 

In addition to simple keyword ranking, DataHawk also offers various SEO tools. These are extremely helpful for Amazon sellers to optimize their pages and increase their sales. Sales reporting helps sellers monitor their success in real-time, letting them adjust their approach as needed. 

Although there is a free version, you might want to pay for the premium version. This lets you unlock more SEO tools and features to better optimize your Amazon business. 


  • Easy to navigate 
  • Offers a thorough variety of SEO tools
  • Free version available


  • May need to pay for premium version for better success
  • Some optics are a bit slow 
  • Platform may not work on every screen resolution 

3. JungleScout

Jungle Scout is an online platform and Google Chrome extension designed to take the endless work out of search engine optimization. There are some differences between the standard platform and the Chrome extension. The Chrome extension is a package deal with the standard Jungle Scout subscription. 

It offers details for your product category like average daily sales, average sales rank, and more. These help you choose and develop your product niche with the best possible information. You can also access tools like monthly revenue, rating and review tracking, seller ranking, sales item profit calculator, and rank history.

These features are only a fraction of the tools that Jungle Scout offers. Of course, as a keyword research tool, it is excellent all on its own. Although there is no free version, you will receive a full refund if you decide that the platform isn’t for you within your first 14 days. 


  • Huge range of features
  • Platform is straightforward and intuitive
  • Excellent customer service


  • No free version
  • Chrome and Web App have a learning curve
  • May be expensive in comparison to some other tools

4. AMZScout

AMZScout is an online tool suite that lets users optimize their search ranking on Amazon. It does this by providing unique insights into seller rankings, keyword research, and much more. Through these tools, it provides an all-encompassing guide for how to become a successful seller on Amazon. 

AMZScout provides an entire Amazon database of seller details right on its platform. Its tools are proven to be hugely effective — the platform is used by some huge names, including Disney and Red Bull. But it can be a lucrative tool for sellers at any level. 

AMZScout’s unique keyword tool helps you not only optimize your own keywords but keep an eye on how your competitors are doing. It also lets you track the success of keywords you’ve used in the past and optimize keywords based on new listings in your niche. 


  • Quick-working Chrome extension
  • Range of tools
  • User-friendly and intuitive


  • Limited tools in comparison to competitors
  • High price for tool options
  • Lower function in comparison to competitors

5. Seller Labs

Seller Labs aims to help Amazon sellers in four categories. This includes keeping tabs on their advertising success, monitoring their competitors’ sales, communicating effectively with customers, and of course, optimizing for search engines. 

This helps Amazon sellers improve their keyword rankings by showing them what other successful sellers look like. 

Seller Labs offers a large range of tools. However, it pares down the choices for each subscriber so that they only have the tools they need or can use. This means that sellers don’t have to scroll endlessly through a never-ending list of features and figure them all out. 

Seller Labs’ Scope feature lets sellers monitor the keywords that their competitors use and track the success rate of those keywords. This helps them rank their own keywords competitively in their customer niche. 

It also shows users the historical keyword rankings, so you can monitor trends to see how they are changing. The Scope tool is conveniently available as a Google Chrome extension, so you can do research right in your browser. 


  • Large range of tools
  • Highly effective keyword ranking
  • Provides unique insights into increasing visibility of your page


  • Users may have limited access to tools
  • Expensive compared to comparative platforms 
  • Integration may be slow 

6. Magnet by Helium10

Magnet is a part of the online SEO tool Helium 10. This simple online platform makes it easy to search long-tail keywords in any of Amazon’s categories as well as in its entire database. Magnet provides ratings for each keyword. This helps sellers gain insight into how relevant the keyword is to their niche as well as overall. 

This rating is intended for sellers to use as a baseline on which to base their own keywords. Magnet’s algorithm is very effective, but it is not flawless. A keyword might be more helpful than the computer realizes. 

Magnet claims to have the largest database of Amazon long-tail keywords available anywhere on the internet. In addition to providing a keyword rating, it also generates a volume rating. This means that it shows how many times your keyword has been searched in a specified period.

But that’s not all that Magnet does. It also provides a volume rating for the keyword as a broad phrase. That means it will rank not only, say, “best life jackets for toddlers”, but also other similar keywords that fall into the same category. 


  • Intuitive platform
  • Stores search results for you to consult later
  • Provides detailed keyword dating beyond simple matches


  • Free plan does not provide full range of tools
  • Paid plan can be expensive
  • There is no option for Amazon PPC Manager

7. SellerApp

SellerApp is a robust e-Commerce tool to help Amazon sellers improve their search rankings and increase sales. It offers a large range of tools, including a keyword research tool to improve search engine optimization. 

This keyword research tool, Keyword Genie, helps sellers modify their ad campaigns based on keyword ranking and other data. This data not only paints a picture of customers but also of the competition. Using Keyword Genie, Amazon sellers are able to track their competitors to learn how they are using ranked keywords in their niche. 

In addition to simple keyword rankings, SellerApp makes it possible to craft unique ad campaigns. These include pay-per-click strategies and improved product listings. 

SellerApp generates a large range of keywords. This includes long-tail keywords as well as a range of other similar phrases that can provide insights for sellers. In this way, the platform doesn’t rely purely on how you might phrase a keyword — it shows how all your customer base is phrasing theirs, as well. This provides a tailored plan for how to optimize your own ad campaigns. 


  • Robust database with detailed keywords
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Free plan provides limited access to tools

8. Viral Launch

Viral Launch is an automated online keyword research platform that lets you generate keyword data in seconds. All you have to do is put in the keyword and click a button. The platform is designed to take the effort out of keyword research and search engine optimization. 

But Viral Launch is more than just a keyword research tool. It provides insights into all the data that you generate. That includes everything from competitor data to keyword ranking history and more. 

Viral Launch’s unique rank tracker tool also helps monitor your Amazon page in real time. That means you know exactly how your business is doing at any moment — and how to improve it to generate more sales. 

Viral Launch is designed to work quickly and take the guesswork out of Amazon selling. Additionally, it offers a variety of unique keyword tools that you might not find on other platforms. This includes tools like automated keyword research, copywriting failsafes to catch errors and misspellings, and recommendations for similar keywords in your niche. This ensures that you never miss a keyword that could drive up your sales. 


  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Quick results


  • Price is high compared to competitors
  • Marketing listing analysis has a monthly limit 

9. Sonar by Sellics

Sonar is a free keyword tool for Amazon vendors, agencies, and individual sellers with over 180 million keywords generated by Amazon shoppers. These keywords extend across multiple languages, adding increased coverage to its search data. Sonar shows Amazon customer search volume data along with a predictive algorithm for more insight.

Sonar offers a lot for a free keyword tool. Reverse ASIN lookup lets you check on your competition’s keywords to keep tabs on your market. There is no need to sign up or create an account, making it a no-commitment prospect for sellers. Sonar’s database is continually updated to reflect Amazon’s product and keyword combos. Since Amazon doesn’t give its own keyword search volume data. Sonar uses its own prediction algorithm to calculate how likely it is a keyword will show up with other key parameters. This gives users access to search volume for each query they input, showing real-life customer searches.  


  • Free and no signup
  • Access real-life search volume for queries


  • Only includes keywords for which ASIN ranks on the 1st search page
  • Newer or less well-ranking products might not show up
  • Keywords from Google and other sources aren’t include

10. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a reliable service that can be used for free. The free version requires no account signup. The free version gives up to 750 long-tail keyword suggestions for each query input. Using Google Autocomplete, the Keyword Tool is able to generate long-tail keywords for practically any product. The upgraded Pro version offers an average of twice the amount of long-tail keywords and some other minor features.

Keyword Tool uses Google Autocomplete, a feature of Google Search, which helps users search faster. Search terms in Autocomplete are selected using a variety of factors like how often search terms are used or which other words usually accompany them. Keyword Tool will generate an alphabetical list of long-tail keywords based upon this data. This breaks down Google Autocomplete’s search data for you in an easy, readable format. Getting this data is quite valuable for anticipating how customers might search for your product. It also helps you formulate the best methods for optimizing your product’s SEO.


  • Free version requires no account
  • Advanced pro features give twice the keywords
  • Quickly analyze relevant long-tail keywords


  • Doesn’t track specifically Amazon customer searches
  • Less reliant on real-life customer data

11. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner helps users find the keywords most relevant to their products and business. The keyword research tool enables you to see how often search terms are used, but also how they have changed over time. This gives greater insight into the latest trends among customers, narrowing your keyword list significantly. 

You can also get bid estimates for keywords to better anticipate your advertising budget. Then you can add them right to your advertising plan to save for later. Once you have the data and keywords you need, you can launch your campaign.

Keyword Planner gives users an easy way to create search campaigns that’s entirely based on in-depth keyword data. It can be extremely useful to have search term data, keyword choice, advertising budget, and campaign management all in one place. 

Google Keyword Planner is effective at recommending new keywords you may have otherwise missed. The app lets you see insights into how your keywords fit into helpful categories and project the success rate of your campaigns.


  • Easy to understand search insights 
  • Help designing and executing campaigns
  • Budget projection and management


  • Includes Amazon listings on Google, but not Amazon customer searches
  • No free version available

12. Scientific Seller

Scientific Seller is unique among the apps in this list for its slower, more deliberate search process. It can often run searches overnight or longer. The reason for this is that it allows Scientific Seller to be far more thorough than alternatives. The app searches terms further and further from the seed keywords to do creative Amazon searches. This can reveal related keywords that might otherwise never be discovered, improving the ability to match products to customers.

Scientific Seller analyzes Amazon buyer keywords and other sources (like LSI) to narrow down its data. The process takes longer because fewer searches find new relevant keywords the further they get from seed keywords. However, eventually, these searches often find many results that otherwise go undiscovered. Since Amazon specifically ranks products based only on selected keywords, customers only find products that match their search queries. Sometimes, customers use strange or just uncommon terms for products. Scientific Seller boosts your ability to find and match those keywords with yours.


  • Thorough searches that turn over unique results
  • Specific to Amazon customer searches
  • Can find keywords you may otherwise miss


  • Results can take a lot of extra time
  • Some results are less relevant

13. KeywordInspector

Keyword Inspector helps target customers by giving the real Amazon search volumes in combination with Google Keyword Research Planner. The Research Planner comes into play for analyzing SEM and SEO. Keyword Inspector also lets users access Reverse ASIN for Amazon marketplaces in Canada, Germany, Mexico, France, Japan, India, Italy, the UK, and the US. Thousands of keywords are available in powerful combinations for a highly optimized product listing.

Keyword Inspector gives an additional benefit to US sellers: the Keyword Inspector Product Research Tool (KIPRT). This gives 150 million top Amazon products. This requires a subscription and doesn’t bring access to other Keyword Inspector tools, but can be beneficial for sellers expanding into bigger markets. Keyword Inspector offers lots of additional tools like a search terms optimizer, Amazon suggestions, an indexation tester, and the keyword trends tool (for UK and US). You can try a free demo version to see if the app is right for you.


  • Easily access Amazon search volumes alongside Google
  • Added tools can be extremely useful


  • Can be pricey depending on your subscription

14. ahrefs

Ahrefs Site Explorer is a research app combining three SEO tools into a single interface. Ahrefs lets you see organic traffic research, paid traffic research, and a backlink checker. These give wider scope to your search term analysis. Ahrefs’ backlink crawler is extremely fast and holds a massive index of live backlinks. This means its Site Explorer is a potent resource for product marketers. With over 14 trillion live backlinks, Ahrefs gives practically endless data on your competition and your customers.

Ahrefs Site Explorer lets you see organic traffic, showing the keywords used by your competitors and the most popular pages in search engine traffic. The backlink checker allows you to check websites that link to competing products. With the paid traffic research tool, you can see whether competing products have paid search advertising that funnels paid traffic. Knowing your competitor’s PPC ads and the keywords they bid on helps you carve your way through irrelevant data. You can even research pages, their backlinks and social shares, and outgoing links from websites.


  • Three tools in one user-friendly interface
  • Massive library of live backlinks
  • Valuable insights into competition


  • Higher subscription levels can be pricey
  • No free version

15. MerchantWords

MerchantWords is one of the largest databases of keywords available to Amazon sellers. These keywords are taken in real-time from Amazon products and searches in every category. MerchantWords helps Amazon sellers pinpoint the search methods and phrasing of their customers and optimize their own businesses to meet those needs. 

In this way, Merchantwords makes it easy for Amazon sellers to become more visible online than ever before. Through detailed long-tail keyword rankings, the platform lets sellers gain insights into how they can improve their search ranking with almost no effort. 

Despite the significant data that MerchantWords provides, the platform itself is simple and intuitive. It makes it easy for sellers to take the data that they find and incorporate it into their ad campaigns. 

In addition, MerchantWords works quickly, providing data in only seconds. This makes it simple for sellers to improve their approach without a huge amount of work. 


  • Huge database of keywords and keyword tools
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Quick search results


  • More expensive than comparable keyword research tools
  • Extensive search results may lead to keyword stuffing
  • Keywords appear exactly as entered

Why to Choose AMZ.One

AMZ.One is the best keyword research tool with an unbeatable price for Amazon sellers. With a simple and intuitive user interface, it is perfect for sellers at every level of marketing proficiency. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Amazon seller, you will find the tools you need with AMZ.One.