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20 Best Selling Items on Amazon in 2022

  • Gordon 

We already talked about where’s the best place you can sell products and we’re confident that if you use our tools to scale your business, you will reach unimaginable heights!

But the problem occurs when there’s just no inspiration to start a business…

What should you sell?

How do you know that it’s gonna be a good product to sell?

Well, you can always use our Product Finder and read our How To Find Best Products to Sell on Amazon blog post but we get it.

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of inspiration.

So here are 20 best-selling items in 2022:

1. Slice Ceramic Blade Safety Cutter

Forget about the scissors, knives, or scalpels, this product will change your everyday life. Not a day goes by that you don’t need to cut, or slice vide variety of materials. This Cutter performs as perfectly as it is possible, with an extremely sharp blade, that is even more durable than steel blades.

What divides this from regular cutters is that it has a hand-protective system, which almost eliminates risky situations that might cause injuries. It provides great productivity while pocket-sized, and ultra-lightweight.

The greatest benefit of stepping into this market would be the fact that you can be a part of a wide variety of niches.

From knives, everyday gadgets, house equipment, mini-cutters to kitchen accessories, and the list goes on. They had an extreme increase in sales throughout the whole last year, which would transfer to this year as well since the circumstances that led to the sales boost are still ongoing since many people are forced to do some of the housework that they usually would not do.

When you add an affordable price to it, there is almost no reason not to get one yourself. Considering all those perimeters, there are almost no reasonable obstacles fo

2. Neck Massage Pillow

With over 20k monthly sales, this stands as one of the very best-selling items on the platform.

Despite being labeled as a neck massage pillow, it can be used on the back, lower back, and even arms, or legs. Relaxation stands out as one of the safest niches to invest in, and it’s always been so.

Considering the fact that the number of people working from home is increasing on a day-to-day basis, a massage pillow is becoming part of the working environment which will help you relax even before you get tired.

Fast and busy lifestyle has started making short and intense massage, that you can provide for yourself while sitting in your room, a better choice than long visits to massage salons. Another benefit of investing in this niche is that the industry of massage gadgets is growing extremely fast, and it is important to invest in those kinds of businesses while they are “young”.

If you add that it makes a perfect gift for absolutely anyone, and the fact that this market provided around $30 million on the American market last year, there is almost no risk getting into this business

3. Water Filter for Hiking

Probably one of the safest products you could invest in. This exact model provides more than 500k$ monthly revenue, which is huge coming only from a single model. Lockdown periods prevented us from enjoying lots of recreational activities but increased trips to untouched nature.

One of the activities that grow enormously due to those circumstances is hiking, as it stood out as the most popular extreme sport nowadays. The greatest benefit is that it can be both professional sport and amateur recreational activity, but there are a couple of common things for any type of hiking you like.

One of them is equipment, with a water filter as an essential part of it. It can remove a minimum of 99.99% of waterborne bacteria, 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, and filters to 0.2 microns, which is even higher than EPA standards.

Ultra-light-weight with a usual capacity of 200ml it is both efficient and practical. Since this market is only growing, an investment like this sure looks like a safe bet, since there is a lot of room to operate, especially in design, since not many different designs are available on the market, and if you manage to combine preferences with great design, it’s a jackpot.

4. Battery Packs

There is not a single gadget that does not use batteries as an energy source option. From the moment it entered the market, the battery is an irreplaceable part of any device you use in everyday life.

Investing in this even though getting into the market does not look like a logical move at first, since the industry is so developed, and it looks like there is nothing much to invent considering the battery business, that is not the case.

Firstly, the battery market is so big, and so various, that there is room for everybody. It also looks like it would be hard to compete with all the companies that already exist and all the products they created, but that is also only one side of the story.

Despite the battery industry is very developed, there are certain areas that need some serious upgrades. Environmental awareness and healthcare issues are something new manufacturers should focus on.

The biggest problem with batteries is their contagious effect when disposing of them after emptying. The main focus is on creating as a toxic-free battery as possible, and, considering that many NGO programs are focused on promoting this issue, the main niche newly added battery provider should focus on might be creating non-toxic batteries. That part has huge selling potential and might be the right starting point for anyone who is getting into this business.

5. Body Fat Digital Smart Scale

Regular scales that measure only your body weight are part of the past. Modern scales are way more advanced, and are an essential part of your home gadget collection, especially if you are taking care of your body at your house.

While the scale measure only body weight, you can check over 10 body perimeters if you connect it with the required application on your phone. That way you can follow your progress, or check up on your general condition in your living room. It’s been one of the best-selling products for a couple of years, and customers’ feedback is amazing.

Even experts agree on its functionalities since measurements are completely accurate, and safe. Unfortunate pandemic events actually increased the number of people who decided to create their own home gyms, and that trend will continue.

The ability to connect it with a phone application gives you a wide variety of options for producers, as well as consumers. With over 150k $ monthly sales, and many development options, this looks like a secure department to get into.

The great thing is that it gives you the option to develop applications and it’s possibilities, along with scale itself. Another advantage is that there is no wrong time to start investing in this business, considering the fact that the selling rate of items like this is continuous throughout the entire year

6. One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Another revolutionary part of women’s everyday routine, which became irreplaceable for any woman that tried it. It looks like a regular hair volumizer and does not require any more space than usual.

This model combines a regular volumizer with a hairdryer, so it can save time, and space, especially when the user is on a business trip, or have a busy schedule. A more beautiful gender can now enjoy two actions in one device in no time. With monthly sales of over $200k, it’s popularity is sky-high, and feedback is fantastic, which might be the best sign.

There are lots of things that can be upgraded, but creating or selling something like this is a one-way street. It has huge upside potential, with very few downsides at this point. The hair cosmetics market is enormous and is growing day by day. It might be hard to get competitive, but they’re certain is a lot of room to operate in case you decide to get involved in it.

7. Butane Culinary Torch

Something that was part of the equipment of exclusive restaurants is now available for any kitchen. Despite it is butan based, the gas itself is not included, so it is perfectly safe for use if you follow the instructions.

Whether you like a grilled cheese sandwich or some exotic meal with flamed fruit or vegetable, you can create it yourself in no time, in your own kitchen. With monthly revenue of over $500k, it is one of the most attractive items that you can find on the market. It became available for only 2 years now, and sales are still growing rapidly, which means that this might be the perfect time to invest in this business.

There are only a couple of brands that are creating those devices successfully, and only some of them have all the features, with adjustable flame mode, one hand operational mode, and refillable pipe, as one of them, so it might not be so hard to be competitive on the market from the very start. That lowers the option of failure and increases reasons for getting into it.

8. 3 in 1 Avocado slicer

Sounds surreal, but this piece of kitchen equipment has been sold for over $50k every month last year! Although it looks like it is just a regular slicer, a combination of 3 different slicing modes is what separates it from the rest of the slicers. Affordable price, and extremely satisfying results while using it, in combination with the durable material it’s been made of, makes it a must-have in every kitchen nowadays. 

With the same knife, you can separate avocado, remove the pit, and slice it into perfectly shaped pieces in no time. Its dimensions are way more practical than any other avocado slicers since it is almost pocket size. Another great thing about its maintenance. You can just place it into the dishwasher with no consequences at all. Non-slip grip and soft handle increase usage easiness to the maximum. You can’t miss this one at all!

9. Selfie Ring

It is almost impossible to imagine a teen room or dorm room that does not have a selfie ring as the main object in it. In previous years social networks grew as never before, and those that include videos and pictures became the most dominant of all.

For that reason, a selfie ring with dimmable LED light is something every teenager looks to get to his/her room. In this case, as well, numbers say it all. Over $250k of monthly revenue is a result that speaks for itself. The best thing about it is that you can add it to lots of different departments, with camera accessories, social network accessories, and fashion blogger gadgets just being some of them.

There are lots of other wide variety of niches it can float into, and it is just a matter of time before selling results will explode even more. Despite being commonly known to be used for fun and social networks, it can also be used for professional photo sessions, in addition to the regular lighting system. A huge market, and a wide variety of possibilities, can guarantee selling success.

10. Wireless Phone Charger

It is simply impossible to “run away” from this gadget. With fast charging wireless system, cables are becoming part of the past. Elegance, efficiency, and the ability for the phone to be used during the charging period, while the charger itself is holding it straight, are just some of the qualities this type of charger provides to the customer. It’s hard to imagine a modern office without one of those on the desks.

But not only do they look attractive, but they are also efficient since the charging method is way better than wired chargers. It can also charge your phone through a protective case, without any decrease in performance.

But even if you still are not sure about whether you should get into this market, be aware that around 50k pieces every month are being sold worldwide, and the numbers are still growing. It falls into many categories as well, from phone accessories to office and home gadgets, there are lots of possibilities for being successful with this item.

11. Smart Garage Door Opener

There is no need for you to stay at your place and wait for a late delivery anymore. You can open and close your garage doors anyplace, anytime, using this wireless remote door opener. Its simple setup consists of a base, power adapter, and door sensor, with all other parts that are required for successful assembling the system.

After it is connected, you configure it with an application on your phone, and you are good to go. You can set up the exact opening and closing time, or you can do it live, depends on the software you use. There is no need to chase your delivery guy anymore, or being required to physically stay at home waiting for a delivery.

What is the most important thing nowadays, and in the days to come, is that you avoid physical contact with a person who delivers the package, which is essential during the pandemic. Potential is huge, and 50k items sold per month, speak for itself. The revolutionary system can be used in any part of the world.

12. Trainer Belt for Women

While a regular stomach belt has only one layer, this comes with two of them, that are so light that you almost do not feel them during the workout. There are no many items that got feedback like this belt has, with ladies being absolutely thrilled with the results it provides.

Due to adjustability, it fits almost all sizes required, while being strong and firm all the time, and covering exact parts that need to be covered. This corset shapewear belt is also completely safe for the post-baby period, to take care of the post-baby tummy flab, helping ladies look slimmer, so it has its function in a non-workout environment.

As mentioned before, it has 100% perfect feedback from ladies that used it so it’s nothing short of a safe bet, and the fact it’s been sold for more than $300k on a monthly basis is another confirmation of its quality. It might be just the thing for the “after winter” period where most of us gain a few pounds more.

13. Steamer for Clothes

The advanced and high-tech steamer takes the bar as high as it gets when it comes to the clothes steamer industry. It represents a new generation of steamers, with lots of new features, such as a longer power cord, an enlarged steam nozzle that prevents water spots on clothes, and an optimized reservoir that provides 10 minutes of continuous steam.

This gadget is perfect for traveling, since it can take spots from your clothes in a minute, and can be used on any surface. It’s a lifesaver for last-minute ironing since takes almost no time to heat up. It’s been sold more than 12k times a month, which provides approximately $200k a month. The main thing about it is that it has a safety switch system, which turns the device off when all water has been used. Perfect for traveling, or even more perfect as a wedding gift.

14. Fast Egg Cooker

Tired of getting up earlier to prepare breakfast? You never know how to boil eggs just the way you like it? This device answers all those or similar questions. The fast egg cooker is one of the essential kitchen gadgets in a regular modern-day family that got used to a fast lifestyle.

It takes just more than a second to start using it. Just select your preferred eggs, place the eggs incorrect position, and set the timer and the buzzer will prevent eggs from overcooking. It comes with an omelet bowl, bowling tray, poaching tray, and measuring cup so all you need to do is select your favorite and the machine will do the rest.

In the case of huge families that are living a fast lifestyle, this will become one of the favorite devices in the house. While being extremely compact, fast, and effective, it is also easy to maintain. You can choose between 5 different colors, depending on which you, your partner, or your kids prefer. At an extremely affordable price, around 40k pieces have been sold every month. Perfect choice, and product that will have its value increased as time goes by.

15. Swedish Dishcloth Cellulose Sponge

Standing as the number 1 cleaning trend for the past year, Swedish Dishcloth is replacing traditional tea-towel by combining all its qualities with the super absorbency of cellulose sponge.

With a soft touch while being both wet and dry, it is perfect for removing hard stains, regular dishwashing, or even polishing any surface without any danger of damaging it, leaving any dry stains. It is safe for repetitive usage, but is preferable to be replaced in a reasonable period, depends on how often it’s been used.

It is 100% eco-friendly, made from biodegradable cellulose and all-natural cotton materials. You can find it in many colors, which makes it a great option for a cute and funny vegan gift. Considering the fact that this product grows massively during the last year with around 25k items sold per month, it can only grow faster in the upcoming period, since the risen awareness of environmental benefits this kind of dishcloth has, which makes it a perfect choice for any home.

16. Apple AirPods

There is no much to explain about probably the most popular model of last year. Airpods touched the ceiling and keeps on moving the limit even higher. Incredible performance, high-quality sound, impeccable connection, and minimalistic design made it a must-have model last year.

There is not a logical reason for this item not to break its own records in the upcoming period. What gives it another benefit charging case, and quick connection with Siri by only two-word vocal command. Not only it is efficient but is a fancy and popular piece of equipment which guarantees even more and more sales every day.

The most attractive part of it is the wireless system that combines a new, modern, and revolutionary headphones system, with the effect that any Apple device has on potential customers. The brand speaks for itself!

17. Hairbella Women’s Rain Hat

Say goodbye to wet hair when not needed, this thing will change your life, and probably make you hate on rain a little bit less. In case you cannot take an umbrella with you since it takes too much space and it’s not practical, this tiny accessory can fit your pocket, and at the same time keep your hair as dry as it gets.

Completely waterproof, and extremely lightweight, combined with UV protective PVC visor, makes perfect compact rain protection for every lady, regardless of how long her hair is. The big pocket can fit all types of hair and will keep it dry in any weather conditions. You can choose between a wide variety of colors to find which one fits you best. With an affordable price and huge upside potential, this does not seem like a thing to miss.

18. Travelambo Women’s Wallet

If you are looking to place all cards and documents required on the one wallet that does not even look like a cardholder then this is an exact item for you. Elegant wallet, with leather lining, and bifold closure looks almost like a regular tiny wallet, except this one has so much room for cards, you can store each and every one of them, no matter how big your “collection” is. In case you were wondering that it does not have a money pocket, don’t worry. It consists of 2 zipped pockets on the sides, and 18 card slots inside of it.

Perfect choice to organize your personal essentials. The most useful, and at the same time most awesome feature of it is the RFID blocking system, which keeps your identity card information away from scanning and theft. There are not a lot of options better than this when it comes to organized and elegant wallets. Around 7k monthly sales speak for themselves. It would be a shame to pass on this model.

19. Silicone Baking Mat

One of the most successful models when it comes to a number of sales during last year. Two non-stick silicone baking mats are all you need for a perfectly prepared meal. Not only it increases baking quality, and eliminate sticking option, but also reduces the usage of unhealthy ingredients, such as oil, cooking sprays, or parchment papers. It is far easier to clean than a pan would be without it, after few hours of cooking.

First, and most popular option among Baking Mats category, and 4th in Kitchen and dining, with around 33k, sold items a month. You can use it in the oven as well since it can take up to 480 degrees F any time. It can be used repetitively, as long as it stays entirely firm and undamaged. The trend of its rise in sales has been growing for  2 entire years now and hasn’t stopped since the first time it started growing, so there is not an option that would reduce its success in any way.

20. White Noise Machine

Hard nights without sleep are far behind with this piece of equipment. This white noise machine includes 6 sounds that will help you make your sleep as firm as it gets. You can choose between Rain, Brook, Ocean, Thunder, White Noise, or Summer night, and whichever option you choose it will take you on a memorable journey.

Not only does it provide sounds that are scientifically proven to be effective for your dream but also can be used to mask background noises, to make sure your dreaming cannot be stopped in any way. It has an optional auto-off timer, so you can set it up just the way it fits you. You have a power cord, or battery option as well, so when charged, it can be your friend on any trip or camping. Ridiculously low price for a gadget like this and constant level of increased popularity makes it a perfect choice even for the potential customers that do not have sleeping problems at all.


As you can see there are numerous categories you can use and you can start your business in.

You don’t have to invent the wheel all over again, just start with something.

Make sure to check out our tools that will definitely help you on your journey and start your 14 Day FREE Trial!