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How To Find Best Products To Sell On Amazon in 2022

  • Gordon 

With the introduction of the internet, almost everything nowadays seems to be accomplished online. That is from communications all the way to trade. The emergence of eCommerce has made ease of trade between businesses and customers. It has become more convenient to shop online than the conventional way of shopping.

More and more consumers have shifted gears to eCommerce which is why many businesses have also moved to the online platform. Ecommerce can be attributed to the founding father Jeff Bezos when he established Amazon. Today almost everyone in the world knows what Amazon is and recognizes it as the ‘pioneer’ of eCommerce.

Apart from Amazon being an impressive online store, it is adored for the user personalization element by many. Studies have clearly indicated that the massive online store sells to almost half the population in the US alone. Of course, this is one reason why you should also be selling on Amazon factoring in that, this is just in the US, what of the other countries. 

In fact, many people make as much as $5,000 every hour selling products on Amazon. However, understand that it is not an easy journey. Selling on Amazon could fetch you big money or ultimately frustrate you. The online store has over 300 million products which mean you have to sell the right products to be successful. 

There is one simple secret to hack product selling on Amazon. Make sure you sell a product that is highly demanded but has low competition. If you are to sell anything on any online platform, apply this rule and just maybe you could hack the market. You want to tap into the market demand without too much competition from other sellers.

Let’s cover in detail how to find products to sell on Amazon!

Finding the Products

As mentioned earlier, Amazon has millions of individual products to offer customers. Lucky for you we have the information and tools to help you secure that needle hidden deep in the haystack. However, to make the process even easier and simpler for you, here are some elements you need to recall during the product search. Sticking to these guidelines will save your time and money and do away with frustrations.

Characteristics of the Perfect Product to Sell

A good product will have a price range between $25 – $50 USD

Experts have found out that this price range is ideal in that it is easy to cater for the direct costs such as advertising costs, costs of goods sold, and Amazon fees. For the products that are higher in price than $50, the conversion rate drops significantly. The number of people who see your products will also drop.

Fewer reviews

The ideal product to sell on Amazon has under 200 reviews if you are a top seller. Otherwise, you should look for a product that has under 100 reviews on the marketplace.

Low seasonality

You do not want to go for a product that is only demanded during a certain season, what of the other months of the year? You want to find a product that sells all year round so that you make sales almost every day. Conduct some research on the items to see whether they are seasonal or purchased throughout the year. 

Small and lightweight products

Most of the imports will be via air transport. It is much easier and faster to get your products to your customers. You do not want to sell a product that is going to be very expensive to ship via air. A bulky and heavy product will cost you a fortune when shipping to the customer. 

Easy to manufacture

You want a smooth ride with the products you offer to your customers. Manufacturing challenges and quality control are issues you want to avoid completely. It is advisable to avoid complex products with complicated functionalities, electronics, and glass products.

Can be improved

Get a product that you can work on and create a superior product. From the customer reviews, you will be able to implement what the customer would want to be changed on the product to improve its functionality. 

Products with multiple keywords

Amazon is a huge platform and for customers to find the products they are looking for, they have to key in some specific keywords to find them. You want to sell a product that can be described using several keywords to have the opportunity to bring in more customers who used different keywords for the same product.

Durable products

You want to sell durable products to your customers. That is to avoid any return cases due to faulty items a few weeks after delivery. However, try to look for products that can be purchased several times in as much as they are durable.

Easily upsold items

With Amazon, you want to look for products that can be easily cross-sold or upsold with other products. 

Why the Perfect/Best Product

There is a lot to say about Amazon products but first, you have to understand why you are looking for this perfect product to sell on the platform. Amazon is one massive platform many people have created and grown their business on. It is not a yard sale for selling junkies part-time. It is a full-time business for some people making them huge profits.

That means you have to delve in with the right mindset. If your attitude is just showing up and selling one or two random items for a quick buck then you might be frustrated at the end. Things will take the wrong turn and you could end up having wasted your time and money. That doesn’t mean that you can’t go for the cheap products, it only alerts you to come up with a stringent strategy on how to hack the market, which is what we are giving you.

What is required is the attitude to crafting a healthy business and having a strong brand online. This is the only way you will make good money selling on Amazon after you get the right products.

Finding the Ideal Products on Amazon

For you to sell products on Amazon you have to get the inventory to sell. Here are some ways of finding the best products to sell on the online store:

Use the Amazon Product Finder Tool

It is a data-driven tool by AMZ.One that is quite helpful in getting the best products to sell on Amazon. It is a profit finder that bypasses competition and looks for the top products in almost every category. The fascinating tool can help you find products that are not easily found when you use the manual way of searching for products. 

The tool has a wide array of filters to help in your search. You can filter millions of products based on reviews, sales price, rank, and many other filters. The system also performs a search on thousands of stores to find the ideal product you are looking for according to your specifications. Avoid wasting too much time manually finding the perfect product to sell on Amazon.

Get yourself the Amazon Product Finder tool from AMZ.One and let the tool perform its magic. The process is quite fast and in no time, you will have the results desired. 

Research on what sells on Amazon

Among the quickest way to find the best products to sell is checking on what sells currently on the platform. The sales tracking tool by tracks for you the sales volume of any product you might want to look up on Amazon. From the volumes, you are sure to determine which product has a higher sales volume meaning it is selling on Amazon.

If you have several products in mind that you want to sell, then this tool will help you a great deal in knowing their sales volume. The sales tracking tool is viable even when spying on a competitor. It is accurate and will give you the quantity of inventory available, the total revenue, and the daily sales made.

The other useful tool you could use is the Amazon Best Sellers List. Use the list to browse through different categories of products and find the top-selling items. These top items will give you an overview of what currently sells on the platform. These two tools will help you immensely in determining what items are bought in huge numbers on the platform thereby giving you an idea of what to sell. 

Low competition keyword products

To drive traffic to your Amazon store, you want to select low-competition keywords that could be made into product ads on the search engine. However, before you decide to use these low competition keywords ensure you already know what they are and what products they represent. Some of the low competition keywords that stimulate product ads can be found by following the hacks below:

  • Enter your 10 niche ideas in the keyword research tool by
  • Click on keyword ideas.
  • Filter the results to give you the Shopping Results
  • Filter only the Low Keyword Difficulty
  • Click on SERP for Every Keyword
  • Look into the Low Domain Rank sites

In case you come across several DR sites on the first page of the search engine it means the niche is not that competitive. This tool is going to make your work easier as you no longer have to do the manual search for keywords. No more guesswork in determining the low competition keyword products. With the keyword research tool, you are well-sorted.

This tool also has a reverse ASIN Lookup and gives you detailed statistics about the products you are looking for.

Use Amazon Reviews

Before you open your online store on Amazon, it is prudent to understand how the customer feels. Find out what the customer wants before you go to sell to them your products. Most vendors will have sufficient resources and time to focus on the consumers and know what they desire at a personal level. 

They will also know what the consumers do not like from the feedback provided. However, you will find that not all vendors have the resources to engage the customers directly. Since not everyone will be able to source the information from the customers, Amazon reviews will help you a lot.

Look at the reviews posted by customers and consider:

  • Items people rave about
  • Using customer complaints to make the prospective product much better
  • Search for these unsatisfied customers in a certain product 

Amazon reviews will give you a general feeling of what the customers say and feel about certain products. You could leverage the dissatisfied customers for a given product. Sell to them that product while addressing all their concerns in the reviews. That way they will easily switch loyalty and purchase from you. You could also see what customers are contented with and probably sell it with slight modifications that add more value to the product.

Check for competition

To secure more and more profits you have to be smart in the business. You have to sell a product that fetches a good price, it can easily be located in your store and shipping is also easy. The product ought to be high in demand too. What are the factors to assess whether your product meets these requirements?

  • The leading product keywords should not be over 10,000 monthly searches
  • The items can appear under several keywords and product categories
  • Products are not offered by the big players in the market
  • Similar goods to your product have below 50 reviews

Consider these factors to select the best product to sell on Amazon. Going for products already listed by the major brands is setting up your store to fail. These brands have already gained customers’ trust. On very rare occasions will a customer fail to purchase from the major brand and buy the same item from your store.

Multiple keywords listing will make sure your item appears in as many searches as possible meaning it is highly likely to be purchased due to numerous appearances.

Check what other people are selling

One crucial piece of information you should be having is, small-scale traders are reaping big on Amazon just by dealing with niche items. Most of these firms will concentrate only on one line of products rather than having a store full of diverse products. 

From unique jewelry items to handmade items to live bugs, there is a variety of products you could sell on Amazon. Dealing with one line of products reduces the fierce competition from major brands. Amazon is amazing in upselling items. To get the best products to sell look at these niche-product companies.

Determine what are the specific lines of business they operate in and how successful they are. That will give you a hint on what works and what might not. Amazon also recommends other products below a given product description. Buyers are encouraged to consider these close substitutes to the items they are looking for. 

Amazon suggests other products bought by people who use a specific item and this will also show you what products are sold more often on the platform for you to hop on the bus.

Trending topics on Google trends

Google trends is a powerful tool to let you know what is currently trending. Information from the tool could be really useful as it will give you a hint on what you could start selling on Amazon depending on what is trending currently. Google trends show what many people are talking about on the internet.

For example, if it is the world cup season and the world cup is trending, you are sure many people will want to purchase jerseys and shorts for their respective countries’ teams. They will also purchase lots of other fun things related to football matches. That means it is the ideal moment to sell such stuff on Amazon and make a fortune.

Taking notes of what is trending will assist you to select the best products regardless of the niche. Google trends is an awesome tool for starters who do not know what products to sell on Amazon. Just find the best trending products then look for the best suppliers to get the products from.

Volume of sales

The best products for sale on Amazon will always make a sale daily. The sales tracking tool by AMZ.One will help you track the actual sales volume of any item on the platform. Make sure that the product you choose to sell has a minimum of 10 sales daily. 

You do not want to sell a product that has very low daily sales. In such a scenario you will be making only one or no sales at all every day. Keep checking on the product before finally settling on it to ensure the sales are up all year round. You want to avoid seasonal products. The ideal products to sell are items that guarantee year-round profitability. The sales volume tool gives you accurate results of the volume of inventory including the daily sales.

Apart from the daily sales, this tool will also give you the total revenue on that particular product. By this, you will be able to assess the volume of money revolving around that product and even assess the profitability. The tool will give you competitor information and from there you will also gauge the level of competition for that item. 

Check on Alibaba

Before settling on a product to sell on Amazon, first, check if there are suppliers and manufacturers making that item. You also want to find out if you will be able to label the products with your private label. Check out if there are such items with no labels and how much it would cost you to label them. 

Head over to Alibaba, key in the keyword for the item you want to sell. The results will be a full listing of potential manufacturers and suppliers who create that item. The procedure is quite helpful as you will have a wide array of items and their initial costs to choose from. From here you will know which product to sell and from which manufacturer you are going to source it.

It is advisable that you first have a set of different products you want to sell on Amazon then reach out to the specific suppliers and ask them a few questions. Talking to the suppliers ultimately helps you with the right decision on which product to sell. You will learn of their shortcomings, the reliability of the supplier, their responsiveness to customers, how they handle returns and so many other things.

How to Come Up with What to Sell

You already know how you will find the items you want to list on Amazon. The other major issue is knowing what to sell. There are three simple ways you can decide on what to list on the Amazon marketplace:

  • Profitability analysis: check on the profit margins for the item you want to sell. How do your prices as wholesale compare to the retail prices? Do you earn at least a profit margin of about 40%?
  • Using data: use the market trend data, SEO difficulty, Google search volume, and the Amazon search volume.
  • Big players availability: check to see whether the product you want to sell is offered by the big brands.

Carefully scrutinize these options to be able to come up with a product that will make your business grow and become more profitable. 

Final Thoughts

Anyone can sell on Amazon but it takes a lot of research, patience, and effort to see maximum profits. However, if you do everything right and follow the above measures, your business will scale to greater heights in a short time. Find the right products that are not sold by the big brands meaning there is low competition and leverage on that. Make good use of tools from such as product alerts, keyword research, and sales tracking among others.